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Have you just begun a new business? Do you own a business already but haven’t stepped into an online platform? Do you have an opinion that social media can’t be of any use to your B2B business? B2B or B2C , are you confused about using social media platforms to optimize your business? Reach out to a Top SMO & SMM marketing company in India who would give you an idea about the importance of social media in today’s business promotion.

Be it any business production or trading, service or product selling social media presence makes a difference in all types of business- B2B, B2C, C2B or C2C. Your mere presence in “Google my business” will also have a positive impact on your business. A general keyword + near me will help you list your business in the local surrounding and will boost your growth.

Marketing your business on social media is not simply a trend but is an effective yet efficient way to boost your business organically & inorganically. This drives your business to the global market. Social media has good influential power if used in the right sense. Let’s check out how to boost your business organically or inorganically.

Still confused about social media marketing? It’s time to approach the Top SMO & SMM company in India

Why choose the best social media advertising company in Gurgaon

As you look out for promoting your business in Gurgaon online, it is time for you to contact the Best SMM company in Gurgaon. Here are a few benefits you can reap by tying up with a Social Media Marketing Company in Gurgaon.

Promotion- social media marketing helps to boost every type of business. Promotions are done by tagging,commenting, following, stories, referrals through various social media channels. All you need to do is develop relevant content that your audience can relate and share.

Awareness– When people come across your content and start promoting through stories or tag their friend it enhances the social media reach which in fact boosts your brand awareness. You get better recognition in the market too. Increased brand awareness boosts your revenue.

Boost sales– As you reach a wider audience in a short span of time, people will be involved in purchasing your products and services. Businesses who choose Social Media Marketing have access to 48% of the world population which is roughly 3.8 billion . Even if a pinch of people turn up to do business with you , your sales will hike!

Connect with customers– As you are part of social media , you get to enjoy transparency and seek reviews from customers directly. With direct communication and honest reviews you have the opportunity of modifying your products by customizing them which helps to increase sales

Enhance SEO ranking– The algorithm plays a significant role in social media bookmarking which is a key aspect in SEO. Successful brands showcase a strong social media presence as it books your website’s rank in Google. 

Quick Tips-

Focus on your audience- If you have just started your business , find out your buyer persona and understand their behavior and the social media platforms they focus on. If you have been in the business for some time now, you may have sufficient details about the buyer persona and will also have an idea about the social media platforms they will be involved in. Having adequate details about the platforms they use will help you concentrate specifically on those platforms. So it is necessary to get this information.

Establishing your presence– What are you posting, how are you posting, when are you posting plays a significant role in strategic social media set up. If you are new to this, begin by promoting your brand and its purpose. Implement creative ideas as much as possible. Create a social media planner on what to post and when to post so that you can avoid last minute hassles.

Plan, Create, Edit- Plan your ideas to post and captions well in advance so that all editing and modifications can be done prior to last minute rush. Always get everything done one day prior and have a fresh mind to evaluate the post the next day before posting.

Quality over Quantity– Give equal weightage to organic as well as inorganic posts. As your audience will visit your pages via inorganic, paid promotions , impressing them and captivating them with your posts is necessary to convert them to potential customers. Stay away from filter content in your page and use original quality content.

Organic growth:

What do you understand about organic growth? It is a way of social media optimization to increase the visitors to your profile, increase visibility and followers. It is a useful strategy that is free and just requires expertise in social media.

Tips to grow your business organically-

Engaging content: Create engaging content with question tags in videos or captions. Make your audience follow your, like, comment and share your post. The better your content, the better impressions you are likely to receive.

Keywords and hashtags– Target the right keywords that focus on your audience. Research the keywords strategically and empathize with your audience . Also use these keywords in the hashtags. Make the right choice of hashtags like hashtags that have at least 100 posts to 1m+ posts to increase the reach of your post.

Be active– Don’t stop with just posting , be active on your page.  Have constant conversations, comments and chats in your profile. By being active you are giving a hint to the algorithms that you are alive and an important player in social media.

Promote your profile– Hashtags are not the only means to grow. Follow profiles, give them a clue that your page is live. As you follow people they get a notification that you are following them and they may check your page to follow. This enhances your page visits and followers.

Budget-friendly- It is a budget friendly choice of marketing for effective business growth. It helps you build a loyal and trustworthy customer base. So rather than reaching your audience by speaking about how your product functions, educate them how it is a solution to their problems. Brief them the pain points and give them a solution through your product.

The normal life expectancy of present day humans is 72 years out of which 5 years and 4 months a human spends on social media. In this time span even if your brand crosses the eyes of a person for 1 minute , it could make a huge difference.

If you are not an expert in social media optimization and strategies you may search for a SMM marketing near me and hire a Social Media Marketing Company in Gurgaon like EJS Webserve a Social Media Optimization Agency that has an expert team who has specialization in social media, SEO and content marketing.

Paid growth:

Inorganic growth is a way of turning in an audience to view your content , visit your page and increase the followers. The only notable aspect here is it is through a paid process. This requires expertise in optimizing campaigns and advertisements amongst the right target audience to get the desired results & leads. It is an assured means that your content will have better visibility. You may begin with a nominal price and can hike up to millions. With paid advertising you have complete control over your advertisement reach.

Types of campaigns:

Paid promotion- Facebook, instagram, Linkedin and more provides a platform for paid promotion to build inorganic growth. To begin paid promotion you have to assess the algorithm in every platform and optimize your posts accordingly. This boosts your profile reach and will also increase your conversions.

Lead generation campaigns: You may also use social media to generate leads. May it be B2B or B2C business, understanding the niche and personalizing the campaign accordingly will assure to give quality leads. Begin with sign up calls to action in your posts to gather customer details to promote your brand.


Social media is significant and a key aspect in today’s world for growth and awareness. Boosting your content on Social Media Marketing is a key aspect for any business. Content creation is an important part of Social Media Marketing . If you are running out of time you always have us to back up you for all social media management activities.

Social media is a channel you can’t afford to miss in today’s digital world and it’s very important to reach your target group through this platform. We assure you that your social media channels and other online platforms are active and there is consistent interaction with your audience. For more details contact us info@ejswebserve.com .

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